Solid soaps: which one for my skin?

For the well-being of the skin, it needs regular care with a soap that corresponds to its type. Solid soap is the most effective. Knowing that the application of unsuitable soap can be harmful to the skin, it is very essential to know the type and functioning of your skin in order to be able to choose the right solid soap for its particularities.

 Choosing a solid soap for sensitive skin

Since sensitive skin is more porous than normal skin, it reacts to care with irritating cosmetics or unsuitable products that promote its sensitivity. It has a deficient epidermal barrier and needs to be nourished and moisturised. In order not to attack it, the choice of solid soap for this type of skin should not be made lightly. Sensitive skin requires gentle products. It is advisable to cleanse sensitive skin with cold saponified soaps or surgras soaps that contain unheated vegetable oils and retain more vegetable glycerin. This type of soap offered by herbalists and organic shops helps to moisturise the skin.

Choosing a solid soap for oily skin

The skin is oily when it produces too much sebum, which is a hydrolipidic naturally produced by the skin to protect it from dryness and external aggressions. Oily skin needs to be purified and gently cleansed. The choice of soap-free and alcohol-free soaps is very ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Cold soaps are recommended to calm, treat and reduce sebum production for oily skin. Here are some solid soap ingredients that have favourable effects on oily skin: honey, which has soothing, healing and purifying properties, clays that gently absorb excess sebum and donkey and goat's milk, which are both healing and soothing, intended for aggressed skin.

Choosing a solid soap for dry skin

Dry skin is very delicate because it is sensitive to various external aggressions such as the sun and air pollution, while it is very difficult to find effective protection. In order to avoid possible complications, this type of skin requires special treatment. Before buying a solid soap, it is necessary to find out whether its components are suitable for rough skin. Antibacterial soaps should be avoided, as they can have harmful effects on the skin after several applications. They contain alcohol, which makes it easier to dry out. It is advisable to choose soaps containing natural moisturising products such as olive oil and shea butter and organic soaps that are suitable for dry skin.
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