How to choose your sunscreen for this summer?

Who says summer says omnipresent sunshine, the weather is beautiful. It is impossible not to enjoy the beautiful summer sun. The sun is good for the body, for the mood and for your well-being. However, it should not be overused, the sun also has its drawbacks with UVA and UVB rays. These harmful rays are dangerous, so you should enjoy the sun in moderation. A few precautions are useful, such as applying sunscreen. You must know how to choose the right sunscreen in order to be protected from the sun's rays effectively.

The choice of sun cream should not be made lightly.

Before going out in the sun, the application of a sun cream should not be neglected. Although there is a wide choice of sun creams, some are not effective. You should choose a cream that guarantees effective protection regardless of the degree of sunshine. Several criteria should be taken into account before choosing your sun cream. You should check the components of the cream while avoiding chemical filters and ingredients at risk, which are both toxic and polluting. You must choose a cream that is well adapted to your skin, baby creams are special. You should choose a cream that is well adapted to the degree of sunlight, even with an SPF50+ cream, exposure to strong sunlight is not recommended.

The importance of choosing a certified organic sun cream

Given the range of sunscreen products available, opting for a certified organic cream is an excellent idea. Anyone who knows how to choose their sunscreen should know how to choose it. Whatever your age, organic protection is suitable for everyone, from babies to senior citizens. An organic sunscreen is made up of natural active ingredients and mineral filters that guarantee better protection. Organic does not contain any risky ingredients, it is healthy, gentle and effective at the same time. On the contrary, non-organic creams with chemical filters do not protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and could further damage your skin or pose a health hazard.

Sun cream, a must in summer

Young and old alike should protect themselves from the sun, whether on the terrace, in the garden, at the swimming pool, at the beach, in the mountains... Apart from hats, sunglasses and light clothing, choosing sun cream is a must. Application is necessary before going out and touch-ups are permitted. It is therefore advisable to choose a nomadic sun cream that you can take everywhere. Organic sun creams are the best, they combine tolerance and effectiveness. You can find them in specialist shops that have some for the whole family.
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