Beauty tip: I want luscious lips!

When you look at the stars, you wonder how they managed to have lips that are both luscious and glossy at the same time. How do you get the lips of a star? Here are a few tips and tricks to give your lips maximum fullness. Use the illuminator, lipstick colours, and lip liner to increase the volume of your lips.

Exfoliate and moisturize your lips

The beauty of the lips is very important for a woman. It is an important part of the face. When women apply make-up, the attraction is either at eye level or at lip level. Be aware that moisturized lips are the most plumped up. It is important to take good care of your lips, especially during the winter. The goal is to avoid chapped and dehydrated lips. Drink water and take the time to take care of your lips. Even if you stay home, it is important to moisturize them with nutrients and exfoliate them. At home, stay natural, full lips are for special occasions.

Illuminate and trace your lips

It is very practical to pat the lips with concealer or foundation. This method is very practical to ensure the beauty of the lips. Put a touch of shine or a beige eye shadow on the cupid's bow. For a luminous effect, put some on the edge of the upper lip. One of the tricks of connoisseurs is to put a line (as fine as possible) on the lip contour with a colour pencil as close as possible to your natural lips. Use the pencil and fill in the inner edges of the lips to melt the line drawn to make them invisible.

The last instructions to follow

Matte and too dark lipsticks are to be avoided for the beauty of the lips. Choose lipsticks that are both natural and light, such as the following colours: apricot, coral, peach, beige, pinkish beige or rosewood. Illuminate them with shiny or pearly, iridescent or pearly colours. These colours give the illusion of full lips. For the top of the top, put a touch of transparent pearly gloss in the centre of your lips. You can also put a touch of lipstick in the middle of your upper or lower lips. These lips are for special events, but everyone is free to choose.
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