How to choose the right men’s shoes?

Today we have decided to give you some tips on how to choose the right men’s shoes. However, we will leave the trainers in the wardrobe and take a closer look at what we will call “dress shoes”. This type of shoe has specific dress codes and you should not do just anything. It is important to know when and how to wear them properly.

For a man, elegance inevitably means a nice pair of shoes. So it’s hard to do without men’s shoes that look “dressy”. The opportunities to use them vary from one person to another, and the number of pairs in the wardrobe is often proportional. What doesn’t vary, however, is the care that should be taken when choosing men’s shoes.

This article will therefore review the types of shoes that are dressed, how to choose the right model and finally the details that should not be omitted when making a choice. Finally, as I said in previous articles dedicated to fashion, the man gives you the keys to mastering a style. Because he thinks that before reinterpreting a style, you should already have a good understanding of it and be familiar with it. This article will not depart from this principle – of course.

You already need to know what we’re talking about when it comes to men’s shoes. And more particularly in the area of dress shoes. The latter are clearly part of the men’s wardrobe essentials and there are several families of them. Some pieces are, frankly, sure values. Let’s go for a small, non-exhaustive review.

The moccasins

First of all, we can mention moccasins. These low shoes without laces really took off in the 1960s in the United States. In this family of dress shoes, there are different types, the most iconic of which are the tassel moccasins, the bit moccasins and the Penny Loafers. Both chic and casual, they are perfect for summer. Often categorised as casual shoes, they are more formal when they come with a metal bracelet.

The Richelieu

The Richelieu or Oxford is one of the most timeless shoe models. Born in the 15th century, it was rediscovered by Oxford University students in the 19th century. This classic, also low cut, is one of the must-have in dress shoes. The Richelieu has a minimalist shape and a so-called “closed” lacing. Its strength lies in its ability to adapt to a wide range of outfits. Together with its cousin the Derby, it is a must-have for a man.

The Derby shoe

The latter is quite similar in shape to the Richelieu. The major difference is in the lacing, which is open for derbies. This type of shoe was created in the 1860s and became more democratic during the twentieth century. Originally, the derby shoe was used for outdoor activities such as hunting. Here too, we have a model that can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.

The Chelsea Boots

The man is a real fan of these practical shoes from autumn onwards. The Chelsea boots are of English origin and have no decorations or perforations, which gives them a very clean look. Chelsea boots with elastics placed on the sides, are perfect to wear with raw jeans and give a little London style to your outfit. There are also more boots styles for men, you can check if you want to learn more about different boots styles.

The Slippers

The latest example of dress shoes that can complement your shoe wardrobe: Slippers. Initially, these were intended for the aristocracy. Classically, this light velvet shoe model comes in monochrome tones. To be a little more funky, the Slippers are now available in various colours, materials and even with embroidery. There’s plenty to do here. You know my position on the matter, it’s more like “wait and see” to avoid making a stylistic faux pas.

Which model for which context?

My uncle used to say: “It’s nice to have a nice pair but you have to know when to take them out”. This master of the good word and of class was right (Suddenly, you too have a doubt about the fact that he was talking about shoes! Anyway…). A pair of shoes is something we wear every day and often says a lot about us. For example, we don’t wear flip-flops to a job interview (if I swear…). So we’ll see together what we can do with what you have in your cupboards or shopping basket.

For the office, for a business meeting

Do you have a business appointment? Do you want to stay classic? Derbies and richelieues will be ideal allies. They’re elegant, and they go very well with a suit. A pair of Richelieu’s with beautiful black or dark brown leather are a sure bet. As for the derby, it will have a slightly less formal side.

For a drink in the city: the choice of quality shoes

For a relaxed moment, it’s not bad to make the style follow (No! Still not the flip-flops…). That’s why not the moment to go and have fun with the big brands like Emporio Armani, for example you can find Armani shoes for men at very good prices on this page. Once you have made your choice, put on your best jeans and a small jacket. And there you go with these shoes that are both comfortable and distinguished, two famous features of this brand.

The Chelsea Boots can also do the job very well. With that little British touch, they go very well with a colourful outfit. For example, you can wear your boots with a little red chino that goes well. A pair of jeans and a blue shirt will also do the trick.

Men’s shoes for preppy style

Some time ago, I had done an article on the Preppy style. The man has a real affection for this style and likes to adopt it without any real reason. For pleasure as the other would say… Here you can opt for Slippers or boat shoes. With the latter, a t-shirt and shorts you will look like a casual gentleman. This is also possible with a pair of Chinese trousers and a

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