Summer clothing for men

In summer, the sky is clear, the sun is shining, the temperature is rising, the holidays are coming, everything is there for a feeling of good living. In short, it is without a doubt everyone's favourite season. In the fashion world, summer is always synonymous with new clothing trends. It's the season of renewal, of starting off on a new basis, of a new adventure beginning. For you gentlemen, it is high time to change your wardrobe, to adopt a wardrobe that matches the season. However, the hotter it gets, the more difficult it becomes to dress, especially if you aim for elegance. That said, having style in summer is not impossible as long as you respect certain rules. When you want to look good in summer, it's all about warmth. The fabrics chosen should be as light and breathable as possible. It is also important to pay attention to the cuts and the choice of colours that add their own style and practicality to the pieces. There are also devices and footwear specially adapted and designed for the summer that will only perfect the look for total success. To sum up, when it's hot, you need to dress light and have a style in the colours of the season. To help you tame your look, we've created this article that will be your ultimate guide to summer menswear for this season.

The men's summer jacket trend

Summer is a really difficult season in terms of clothing. With the temperature rising, the heavy pieces will stay warm in the wardrobe. One wonders if one is obliged to always wear a T-shirt, shirt or other polo shirt. To everyone's delight, this is not the case. To be trendy, you have to dare to take on stylistic challenges. That's why summer is also the season of all challenges. When it's hot, you have to wear light materials, airy, thin and flowing pieces to stay cool all day long. It would then be tempting to forget about layering, which is considered heavy and above all warm. However, combining clothes is, and will always remain, the assurance of a successful and very trendy look as soon as you master the sleeved pieces to combine. In fashion, layering takes on a completely different dimension than just warming up. It will bring a personal contrast in the look which can only be a success. So let's dare the men's summer jacket. Very popular in winter, this piece also exists in its summer version. Of course, it will be suitable for high temperatures, without shoulder pads and lining, and designed in lighter fabrics. The keyword is look and nothing but look. As the men's summer jacket is made to be light, there are an infinite number of models, for all styles and in all colours, from basic, to aviator or biker jackets, to denim jackets. Visit and find more about jackets for men.

Men's favourite summer shoe

In the summer, finding the right shoe for your feet takes on a whole new meaning and goes completely out of the box. And yes, this is no longer just an expression, but a true reflection of the season's reality. A question to ask: Which shoes to wear in summer to perfect the style while remaining in total comfort? Since it's true, being at the top of elegance but suffocating from the heat, that's not the point at all. With all this heat, clothes will obviously be lighter. Shirt, trousers, shorts or Bermuda shorts will be the highlights of the season. The difficulty will be in the choice of the shoes to be associated with these pieces. You will need a good pair capable of ensuring perfect comfort without unbalancing or detracting from the look. While there are many shoes that can do the job, the men's espadrille is the top of the line for this beautiful season and is the best men's summer shoe. Light, simple and very trendy, this traditional shoe is the emblem of the Basque Country where it originated around the 12th century if we believe history. Made of canvas and a braided rope sole, the espadrille is very comfortable and naturally inspires the summer sun and holidays. But it is particularly appealing for its ability to adapt to all styles. Anything is possible, combined with shorts for a casual casual look or trousers and a shirt for more elegance. The espadrille is so fashionable that there are even moccasins for a more chic and dressy look. The espadrille is also a shoe at a very good price so why deprive yourself of it? Without difficulty, you can choose several pairs and vary your pleasure by adopting a pair for each of your outfits, each of your occasions.

The summer shirt for men

When it comes to dressing in summer, everyone agrees that it is much more complicated. The reason is simple, but really simple, because a lot of it lies in the simplicity of the look imposed by the season. All men's fashionable clothes that contribute to having a good style will be put aside because they are considered too heavy and less adapted to the heat of the summer. A question then arises; What is the best piece of clothing, both trendy and capable of all-round comfort, to wear for the season? Without a doubt, the men's summer shirt is the best summer clothing for men. Mainly designed for men, it is made of a light fabric with a buttoned opening at the front and a collar. It can be long or short sleeved, depending on the desired style. As summer rhymes with good weather and holidays, you'll have to be casual. Classic shirts tucked into trousers will wait nicely in the wardrobe. The men's summer shirt will stand out from the rest of the season by using lighter and more breathable materials. The cuts will be looser, distinctive of the casual style. As far as colours are concerned, although there are many choices, they will be as bright as summer. Don't hesitate to play with colour combinations as long as they remain subtle. For even more relaxation, there are patterned models that will remind you of the holidays. All these features make the summer men's shirt a chic and elegant piece, while remaining light and comfortable, and a must-have.

Summer jumper for men in cotton

The jumper is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces that make up the men's wardrobe. It can be worn over a shirt, polo shirt or T-shirt and allows you to offer clothing styles that are as varied as they are elegant. Cool, casual or classy and whatever the season, the jumper has become a knitted sleeve garment that can be worn in any circumstance. Contrary to what one might think, it is a piece that can be worn in summer. Of course, the men's summer jumper has its own specificities and the choice should remain subtle so as not to fall into excess. In other words, wearing a jumper in the heat of the season can make the look heavier and less comfortable. That's why, like all summer men's clothing, the men's summer jumper will be a casual piece while remaining elegant but above all light. To achieve this, the piece will be designed in a finer knit for the freshness needed for the season. Unlike winter models made of wool, which is much warmer, the men's summer jumper will use other materials such as cotton or linen, which are lighter and breathe better. But the summer models also stand out in terms of cuts and colours. Indeed, everything must be made to reflect the season. Formalities are a thing of the past, it's all about relaxation. The colours will reflect the spirit of the good weather, of holidays. Plain but bright tones can be chosen if the occasion demands more elegance. Otherwise, colour combinations or patterns can only confirm the casual side of the look. The men's summer jumper is very easy to combine and can be worn with trousers, shorts or Bermuda shorts. It will remain an essential piece for the summer, to be worn at parties or covered events.
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