Beauty routine

Vaseline, a basic to be integrated into our beauty routine without delay.

Vaseline, an oily ointment extracted from petroleum, is used to make the skin softer. Since its appearance in 1872, grandmothers used it on their rough hands. Even though it is extracted from oil, it is still safe for the user….

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Beauty tip: I want luscious lips!

When you look at the stars, you wonder how they managed to have lips that are both luscious and glossy at the same time. How do you get the lips of a star? Here are a few tips and tricks…

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How can I reduce pigmentation spots on my face?

Pigmentation spots (also called brown spots) are often annoying impurities and are mostly located on the face, the décolleté, but also on the hands. They are often a sign of aging skin due to bad weather, sun rays or other…

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Facial Gym: 10 minutes to reshape your face

There are simple facial exercises to rejuvenate your face. Ten minutes each day is enough to erase the signs of time on your face. The benefits of facial gymnastics are well established. Focus on methods to reshape your face. Facial…

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Solid soaps: which one for my skin?

For the well-being of the skin, it needs regular care with a soap that corresponds to its type. Solid soap is the most effective. Knowing that the application of unsuitable soap can be harmful to the skin, it is very…

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How to choose your sunscreen for this summer?

Who says summer says omnipresent sunshine, the weather is beautiful. It is impossible not to enjoy the beautiful summer sun. The sun is good for the body, for the mood and for your well-being. However, it should not be overused,…

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