How to make a bun bun for sure?

In the past, when a long hair was rolled, it was called a bun. But nowadays, there are several names for this type of hair. And among these names is the bun bun. However, you will need to have a…

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Which essential oils to choose for a beautiful hair?

Endowed with natural and pure elements, essential oils can help you to beautify your hair in a long-lasting way, while preserving its nature.┬áDerived from different plants, these oils are highly composed of active ingredients. They are therefore effective on the…

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How to make wavy waves?

The wavy wavy waves give hair a natural look. They are easy to shape and are suitable for both a glamorous result and more voluminous hair. However, it is necessary to adopt the right technique to form the waves. Make…

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How do I choose the right hairdryer?

Anyone who has ever worked intensively on hair care knows that air-drying is the gentlest way to dry hair. However, when it comes to styling or drying hair quickly, a hair dryer is almost indispensable. Depending on the requirements and…

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