How to make wavy waves?

The wavy wavy waves give hair a natural look. They are easy to shape and are suitable for both a glamorous result and more voluminous hair. However, it is necessary to adopt the right technique to form the waves. Make sure the hair is neither too curly nor too wavy.

Braiding: the natural solution for making wavy waves

Making mats is the simplest and most natural solution to have wavy wavy lines. This technique saves you from using heat appliances and damaging your hair. All you have to do is braid your hair before going to sleep. However, it is necessary to moisten the hair with a mineral water spray. You can also wash your hair and braid it before it is completely dry. Ideally, you should make 5 to 6 braids and tie each one with elastics. When you wake up, all you have to do is undo the braids to enjoy the result. If your hair has difficulty curling, don't hesitate to use salty spray. To prepare the solution, mix warm water with sea salt. Add a little detangler to soften the mixture.

Make wavy waves with a straightener

If you're concerned that the braid method may not suit the characteristics of your hair, the use of a straightener becomes necessary. Straighteners don't just straighten your lengths. They can also wave or curl your hair. To do this, you need to take your hair by strand as if you're going to straighten it. But this time, you'll gently glide the straightener by turning it half a turn, alternating the direction of the waves with each movement you make. Make sure waves form to bring out the desired effect and create perfect wavy waves.

Making wavy waves with the waving iron

To make more defined wavy waves, it is best to use a curler or a corrugating iron. In this case, just wind the strands onto the device. It is, however, advisable to always proceed backwards and not forwards. If the curls are too big, you should run your hands through your hair so that the curls are less important. Also, to protect your ends from the heat, it is necessary to use a heat-protective spray on your strands before each ironing session.
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