How do I choose the right hairdryer?

Anyone who has ever worked intensively on hair care knows that air-drying is the gentlest way to dry hair. However, when it comes to styling or drying hair quickly, a hair dryer is almost indispensable. Depending on the requirements and field of application, there are also differences and considerations with hair dryers. What are the criteria to consider when buying a hair dryer?

Choosing a hair dryer based on performance

The power is always indicated in watts for hair dryers. More watts means more power and more heat for the hair dryer. The higher the power, the more heat it can be dried. Professionals mainly use hair dryers with a power of 1,800 to 2,400 watts. When buying a hair dryer, the multi-stage adjustable temperature control should be taken into account. In addition to decent heating power, the integrated motor also plays a major role. AC motors are usually installed in high-quality hair dryers and professional appliances. On the other hand, AC motors are somewhat heavier than less powerful DC motors.

A good hair dryer must be of high quality

To choose a hair dryer and enjoy it for a long time, you should check the materials of the appliance when you buy it. The robustness of the plastic is an important factor, especially when frequently using removable devices. As the cable is subject to high loads due to twisting and turning, it can be advantageous for the hair dryer to have a rotating cable seal. This prevents the cable from breaking and also makes working with the hair dryer easier.

Choose a hair dryer according to your needs

In addition to performance and quality, you need to determine your equipment needs. Multi-level temperature control is useful in most cases, as each hair type reacts differently to high temperatures. Since heat generally makes hair tired, it is important to be able to adjust the temperature of the hair dryer according to the user's needs. Size and shape are also important when choosing a hair dryer. An ergonomic handle shape, a non-slip illuminated grip surface and low weight make blow-drying easy. However, a powerful hair dryer is usually much heavier than a less powerful hair dryer.
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