How to choose and which coats or jackets to wear when you’re little?

Finding a coat that suits your small morphology can be tedious. If you choose a coat that’s too wide or too big, it will likely compress your silhouette, and you’ll feel even smaller. The goal is rather to find the coat that will make you look taller. So to help you find the coat that will enhance your small size, follow the guide.

Coats and jackets to choose when you’re small

If you’re small and thin, opt for coats that fall halfway down your thighs and fit snugly. You can also opt for the down jacket, the pea jacket, the short leather jacket, the parka, the short blazer, or the ball coat. And don’t hesitate to enhance your silhouette by choosing coats, jackets or blousons with details, materials, bright colours, pockets, big buttons, kimono sleeves…

How do you dress when you have wide hips and a rounded buttocks? At the hips and buttocks, we prefer sober coats with a mid-thigh length, jackets that cover part of the buttocks and dark colours, like the ones available at for instance. On the cut side, choose straight or trapezoid-shaped coats that are fitted and belted. For your jackets, curved shapes will be perfect.

Coats and jackets to avoid when you’re little

Avoid long coats that flatten the silhouette, as well as down jackets and ball coats for small, round women.

How to dress when you are a little woman?

Dressing when you are less than 1.60m tall is not always easy. Sometimes the clothes we like in the shop or on e-commerce websites are not necessarily adapted to our small size (trousers that fit, dress that doesn’t fit well…). But don’t worry, we can be trendy and well-dressed, whatever our size! As for each morphologyHow to dress according to one’s morphology, there are shapes and types of clothes that highlight small women.

So, to help you find the different clothes that suit your small figure, follow the guide…

Other clothes to wear when you’re little

What stockings?

Even if you don’t have long legs, you have the right to show them off! Short skirts that stop at the thighs or just above the knees will be perfect to enhance your pretty legs and at the same time stretch your silhouette. On the trouser side, slims, straight jeans and bridge trousers will give the illusion of longer legs. Prefer stockings with a high waist that enlarges the silhouette.

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Which tops?

Tight-fitting tops, in either a straight or cinched shape, are recommended to lengthen your figure. Choose them with a V-neck or vertical patterns. To look taller, you can opt for short tops or you can tuck your top inside your skirt or trousers. Choose your sets (top and bottom) in the same colours. Avoid strong contrasts (dark top and light trousers for example) which will break up your silhouette and make it look smaller.

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Which dresses?

As with your skirts, favour short dresses that enlarge the silhouette. Prefer them belted at the waist and well-fitted. You can also fall for empire-cut dresses or long split dresses that go all the way down to the feet. Remember to opt for models with vertical stripes, visible buttons on the front or a V-neck. These little details will make you look bigger.

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Which swimming costumes?

When you’re little, it’s best to go for original swimming costumes. Choose them with vertical stripes, a zip, buttons aligned vertically on the front of the swimming costume… If you are thin, opt for the two-piece swimming costume with a cut-out swimming costume. If you have shapes, you prefer the one-piece swimming costume with a pretty V-shaped neckline. These fashionable pieces will be ideal to make you gain a few centimetres!

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Which devices?

Heeled shoes are inevitable to look taller! So as not to break the length of your gambettes, choose shoes with a skirt that are wide open at the top of the foot. With trousers, shoes should be worn as an extension of the trousers, i.e. your ankles should not be visible. And the effect will be optimal if you choose shoes in the same colour as your trousers.

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