How to choose women’s shoes?

Of course, the women's shoes you choose for your wardrobe will depend on fashion and the season. But there are some must-haves that you can be sure to find without any worries from one year to the next. Our teams have therefore prepared a small inventory of these timeless items for you. You can also visit IRO PARIS for more about women's shoes.


It is ideal for refining the silhouette, revealing the kick, which nicely lengthens the leg. It can be worn in the evening as well as in everyday life, and will be perfect with a dress, skirt or trousers.

The boots

A classic that will give style to all your outfits, the boots are perfect in all circumstances and whatever the season. In winter, they will keep you warm, and in summer with a light dress, they will give you an offbeat and trendy rock'n'roll look. Many models exist: flat heel, higher heel, rider style, Santiag style, thigh-high, pointed toe, biker style... All styles are allowed, you can be sure that your seduction power will be boosted by this device.

Boots or ankle boots

They are just as easy to wear as boots and, while they are a little less warm in winter, they have the advantage of bringing a more modern and rock'n'roll touch to your outfit. For more fantasy, play with the different possible materials: sequins, stars or studs, with a dress, trousers or skirt, anything goes!

Lace-up shoes, derby or richelieu shoes

For an androgynous and elegant look, derbies, straight out of men's fashion, are developing more and more with "women's" lines. In lace-up shoes we distinguish 2 types: the derby and the richelieu. - The derby is a shoe whose lacing is said to be "open". The laces are maintained by 2 guarantors sewn on the shoe. This type of model is therefore easier to put on and allows the shoe's tightening tension to be modulated. - The richelieu is a shoe whose lacing is said to be "closed": it is an integral part of the shoe. There is no specific part that holds the lacing in place. This type of model shoes a little tighter than the derby, but brings a more dressy style. It brings a touch of femininity to all your outfits.

Basketball, tennis or sneaker

For a casual and chic style, sneakers are the ideal device. More and more democratized, you can even in some cases (if your business world lends itself to it) wear them at the office. Sportswear is becoming more and more popular, as are sneakers. You can therefore wear them in the evening or at the weekend. For women, we have seen a rise in the popularity of "running" tennis. Senakers will go perfectly with any outfit : shorts, trousers, skirt... The icing on the cake: they are very comfortable!

The compensation

Compensated shoes have been making a strong comeback in recent seasons. They are available in town shoes but also in trainers. With a pair of wedge shoes, the style is immediately modernised. In addition, they provide more comfort for the joints and the back. For wedge models with a platform on the front of the shoe, comfort is even better. You can wear them in the evening or at the office. But if you want to go shopping all day long, it's best to avoid them.

The ballerine

Comfortable as a trainer and feminine as a pump, the ballerina is a must have! They combine comfort and elegance for a controlled cost. Some models with a more assertive style (sequins, flash colours) will add an offbeat touch to your outfit. Wear them for all occasions with a dress or trousers, but keep them on the side for sunny days as they are not very insulating. This type of shoe is available in a variety of colours and materials for a variety of pleasures.

The mocassin

Basic fashion, it offers an elegant male/female style. A moccasin should be chosen for the office or at weekends, but should be avoided for evening wear. Even if it brings a lot of elegance, it lacks a bit of fantasy. It is a strict product to be adapted according to your needs and the context in which you evolve. But it is an essential type of shoe for any wardrobe. To put on with a skirt, shorts or trousers. Rather during the spring or summer seasons because it will not be warm enough for colder seasons.

The sandal

With varying degrees of heel, it will be your ideal device for all your outfits. To be worn during the summer, it can be worn with a sports outfit as well as with a formal outfit. It's up to you to choose the right model in this case. On the other hand, it is essential to have well nourished feet and a nice varnish for a successful effect. You should also think about choosing the right size with this type of shoe.

Barefoot or flip-flop

It is THE summer shoe, symbol of holidays. Comfortable, stylish and full of colour you can wear it for all occasions, with a dress, a skirt, trousers, shorts. The price range is varied, but you can find fancy models of the most beautiful effect at very affordable prices.
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