How to choose a woman’s sweater?

Do you love winter and autumn so that you can finally wrap yourself up in a good sweater, keep warm and wear something that will vary from classic outfits, while protecting you effectively from the cold? A sweater is a woman’s garment that is a must in winter and in mid-season. However, it is important to take into account the type of sweater, its cut or the colour that will suit you best and perfectly complete your look. Before going on a shopping spree to buy new tops for the cold season, read our tips on how to choose a sweater.

Choosing a sweater according to your size

Small, large or even an intermediate size, it is important to choose women’s clothing according to your size, so as to enhance your silhouette more effectively and not to pack it with fashion pieces that will not fit. The women’s sweater is one of the elements of an outfit that you will also have to choose according to your size.

Are you short? Avoid long sweaters, sweater dresses and models that will go lower than your waist. These pieces will flatten your figure and it won’t do you justice. For short women we recommend choosing sweaters that will enhance your bust. Sleeveless sweaters, round neck or V-neck sweaters, don’t hesitate to highlight your bust.

Are you tall? On the other hand, you can wear all the models and cuts of sweaters available in the shops. A short sweater will lengthen your figure. If you’re slim, don’t hesitate to wear a model with a slim fit, or opt for a fancy collar which will also add a touch of originality to your outfit. You can visit for more about women sweaters and cardigans’ original models.

Choosing the right colours and patterns

The choice of the colour of a garment is also an element to be taken into account in your outfit. Colour and patterns are also things to consider. Depending on the seasons and also on your silhouette, there are colours to be favoured or avoided. The same goes for patterns!

So don’t hesitate to put on sweaters in the colours of the season. Mustard, rust or even bottle green are generally trendy in winter and follow very well with the season.

If you have some curves? Avoid striped patterns or visible knitwear. These have the effect of compressing your silhouette and do not do it justice. Don’t hesitate to opt for pastel colours that will illuminate your complexion.

With these tips, you are now ready to shop for the perfect sweater for you in winter.

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