How to dress well for spring?

Between winter and full summer there is spring. This is the time to mix the season's trendiest fashion pieces. How should you dress when it's 15 or 20 degrees? Answers to have style in spring. Every winter we look forward to spring. After wearing a big coat for months, you can't wait to move on to mid-season jackets. The problem is that during this transition period between full winter and real summer, temperatures often fluctuate between 8 and 22 degrees. This means that you no longer know how to dress! You know the system: we are cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon and we hesitate between all our summer and winter woman clothes. Find more information about women clothes' collections on for instance. On top of all that, we'd like to stay stylish, but it's not easy to stick to fashion trends with all these obligations. We hesitate between all our summer and winter outfits. Make no mistake, the mid-season is the best time to be stylish and opt for looks that set the pace! We'll give you all our good ideas for dressing for spring, while staying stylish for the changing weather!

How to dress when it's 15 degrees?

At this temperature, it's still a little bit wintery. The adage "April doesn't give you a clue" has never been truer! If you don't want to be cold and at the same time you don't want to leave your overly warm coat behind, all you have to do is adopt the right fashion combinations. And why not get into the layering trend. Given the changes in temperature, opt for the onion technique! You multiply the layers and remove them as you go along. In the morning, you can opt for a basic white t-shirt. Add an oversize knitted waistcoat, a trench coat and a big scarf! With these you're sure not to be cold. If you're afraid of being too cold, don't hesitate to wear all your big winter jumpers with your midday dresses or skirts. All you have to do is add a mid-season jacket and that's it!

How to dress when it's 20 degrees?

Spring is really here! But beware, that's no reason to take out your poom poom shorts. Instead, opt for light dresses with a light parka or denim jacket. Mid-season jackets are your best friends for the warmer days of spring. What you love is that you can wear almost anything. Jeans, chino, palazzo pants, culottes, bomber, midday skirt, long dress, t-shirt, waistcoat, etc. As for tops, we opt for light blouses, small shirts and t-shirts with a message. In short, in the spring, you can dare all combinations!

Dressing for spring: colours and prints

Spring is the time to dare to use bright or pastel colours! Powdered pink, light yellow, sky blue, these shades are sure to brighten up your outfit. The more daring can opt for a colour block look, with red or yellow pieces. With this, you're sure to look good AND to be right in the trend! On the printed side, you can wear anything. Of course, floral patterns are the most popular for spring. But you are free to mix and match stripes, polka dots, checks, petals and so on. Be careful, however, you must master the art of mix'n'match.

Spring's trendy fashion devices

For trendy devices, you have carte blanche! The first thing is to make sure you don't forget your pretty sunglasses. They're the essential spring-summer device. For shoes, forget the boots! After 4 or 5 months of winter, you've seen enough of them, haven't you? Make way for white trainers, trainers, small sandals (only for the hottest days). You can also fall for moccasins, neo-ballerinas or derbies. For handbags, the choice is yours. But maybe this is the first opportunity to wear a nice trendy basket? So, is it always so difficult to know how to dress for spring?
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