Perfume & fragrances

The different olfactory families of fragrances

In the world of perfume, there are 7 major olfactory families inspired by nature. These are the classifications that allow us to characterise and create perfumes. These olfactory families are also used for scented candles. They allow a better understanding…

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Baby fragrance trend: a good idea?

For parents, everything that affects their child in any way is important. In particular, hygiene. Usually, these smells are due to their natural needs and the fact that they get dirty. That’s why many parents choose to perfume them. But…

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Where to apply your perfume?

Many people apply their perfume on their wrists or neck. In reality, this is just a habit, as it is quite possible to apply it to other parts of the body. But then, where else on the body should you…

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Why is the scent of the perfume not the same on my skin as in the bottle?

Many people have already experienced that by smelling someone else’s perfume, they want to acquire the same. However, the smell of perfume on oneself is not the same as that of the other person. There are also those who have…

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