Where to apply your perfume?

Many people apply their perfume on their wrists or neck. In reality, this is just a habit, as it is quite possible to apply it to other parts of the body. But then, where else on the body should you apply perfume?

Basic principles for applying perfume

The perfume is generally intended to be applied to the skin, but it is particularly effective in specific areas. Fragrances are sensitive to heat, and when in contact with a hot surface, they disperse more quickly into the air. So it's important to target the parts of the body that emit the most heat when you apply fragrance. The parts of the skin where heat tends to concentrate are usually found in the folds. For example, you can put perfume on your neck, or on the front of your elbow. These areas produce a lot of heat, especially when you move around. However, it is not very appropriate to put perfume under the armpits. Indeed, even if this area emits a lot of heat, it also produces sweat, and the perfume should not be mixed with bad smells. For this area, it is best to stick to deodorant.

Wrists and behind the ears

Even if it is preferable to apply perfume on the warmest parts of the skin, some people still decide to put it on their wrists and behind their ears. Wrists are not among the places where heat tends to concentrate, but they are still good places. In fact, when a person interacts with their interlocutor, they tend to make a lot of hand gestures. These simple gestures allow the fragrances to be diffused into the air, so that everyone can enjoy them. On the other hand, the ears are also good places to apply perfume. The skin behind the ears is one of the warmest areas of the human body, but it is also a highly exposed part. Just spray a few drops on the skin, leaving a trail of fragrance everywhere you go.

Applying perfume to clothing

Even though the perfume is mainly intended to be applied to the skin, it does not prevent you from putting some on your clothes. When a person puts on perfume, the clothes are automatically impregnated with the fragrance. If you wish to accentuate this effect, you can spray it directly on your clothes. Many people use this technique to personalise their clothing with a specific scent. Even after a washing session, you will still be able to smell the fragrance on the fabric.
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