How to carry out evening make-up?

Make-up is a magical thing that allows to sublimate the face. On this fact, there are rules to be respected in order not to be ridiculous. But what are the steps for a successful evening make-up? The steps for a…

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How to tame golden make-up?

Make-up or make-up, an art that can be learned to embellish your face. After having appropriated the basic gestures to apply make-up, it is possible to let your creativity and personality express itself in order to reinvent yourself according to…

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How can you give your make-up a “fresh touch”?

When a woman leaves the house, one of the things she never forgets is to put on make-up. But throughout the day, she loses her beauty because of stress at work, or even rain and heat. You will still need…

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How do you apply your make-up… with your fingers?

Applying your make-up on your finger requires a little practice, but once you’ve adopted the technique, you won’t let go! Applying make-up to the fingers has many advantages. You will no longer get tangled up with the different make-up tools….

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How to make up your neck and decollete?

Neck and decollete make-up is quite simple compared to the face. To have a good result, you must have specific brushes at your disposal to apply your products properly. It is important to determine your skin type before choosing a…

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Top 10 best mascaras for a bewitching look

Women use products to bring out their beauty. They use lipstick, mascaras and other beauty products. Today’s women cannot do without their mascaras. Mascara is found in a case or in a lady’s handbag. It serves to enlarge and awaken…

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