How to tame golden make-up?

Make-up or make-up, an art that can be learned to embellish your face. After having appropriated the basic gestures to apply make-up, it is possible to let your creativity and personality express itself in order to reinvent yourself according to your mood. If lipsticks with original colours are highly rated by "beauty junkies", the golden colour has been making a lot of noise lately.

The Must Have: the golden colour

A sunny and precious material, the golden colour is self-sufficient and completes a look. It revives leaded looks because it is easy to match. Golden make-up brings radiance to sublimate eyes, hands or complexion. Worn in small touches or combined, gold is also a must for festive looks. But like a goldsmith, it is used meticulously in order to remain elegant.

The choice of make-up

Make-up is a facial treatment that requires a good moment of reflection in order to choose the one that is most suitable for us. In fact, the wearing of make-up varies according to :
  • the type of skin: oily skin, mature skin or dry skin.
  • the shape of the face: round, oval or square.
  • the haircut: with fringe, a clear forehead, highlights.
  • the colour of the eyes.
Before any purchase, it is important to analyse these details. Nevertheless, there are all-purpose make-ups which, like golden make-up, can be used in a variety of ways.

How to wear golden make-up?

Here are a few tips for wearing golden make-up. First, use a creamy eye shadow. Add gold to the mobile centre of the eyelid and black on the inner and outer sides, then in the hollow of the eye. Blend with a brush. In a second step, perform the same gesture with, this time, a powder eye shadow, then apply beige gold under the brow bone. Next, use a primer for golden glitter, to be applied with a flat brush. For a more intense look, put black kohl and a black pencil under the lower lashes. Then use a brown eye shadow under the black, to be blended with a blending brush. In the inner corner of the eye, as well as on the first third of the lower lash line, apply a dot of golden eyeliner. Then draw a line of black pencil on the upper lash line, to be blended for a smoky effect.
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