How to make up your neck and decollete?

Neck and decollete make-up is quite simple compared to the face. To have a good result, you must have specific brushes at your disposal to apply your products properly. It is important to determine your skin type before choosing a product. It is possible to apply make-up on your neck and decollete to remove imperfections or to boost your breasts.

Steps to follow to apply makeup to your neck and decollete

Before applying neckline and neck make-up, you should start with a skin care product that is adapted to your skin. To avoid overloading your face, it is recommended to apply a sun cream. The application of this cream is a better solution to protect against heat stroke. Exfoliating and moisturising treatments are mandatory to improve the quality of your skin. It is also important to exfoliate your neck and decollete every fortnight. To get rid of dead skin, simply use very thin layers. The choice of your products must be done with care to avoid unpleasant surprises. After these steps, you can start to camouflage your skin for an aesthetic result.

Techniques to make up your neck and neckline

To start your decollete and neck make-up, you need to camouflage the imperfections on your skin. You should choose a fluid foundation for the body. A covering self-tanner will also do the trick. Currently, there are illuminators for neck and decollete. These products bring a touch of light to your make-up. For your decollete, you can add a touch of contouring for a rounded bust. In order to obtain a natural result, specific brushes should be used. To avoid the effects of perspiration, all layers must be applied thinly.

Adopt the right gestures to make up your neck and decollete properly.

Cleavage and neck make-up is not complicated. All you need is a bronzing, illuminating powder and two brushes. You need to apply your bronzing powder in the centre of your bust. You need to make circular movements for best effects. It is preferable to use a slightly pearly illuminating powder to enhance your breasts. After applying the contouring, it is advisable to blur all the parts concerned. To have a plunging effect on your decollete, draw half circles following the roundness of your bust.
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