How can you give your make-up a “fresh touch”?

When a woman leaves the house, one of the things she never forgets is to put on make-up. But throughout the day, she loses her beauty because of stress at work, or even rain and heat. You will still need to bring your make-up bag with you. Take your lipstick, eye and face products with you. You could freshen up your beauty wherever you are. It's called a make-up makeover, but it doesn't mean you're going to remove all your make-up. You're going to refresh yourself, which means adding and touching up what's already been done.

Touch-ups preceded by clean skin

Before refreshing your make-up, you should cleanse your face. For example, you have just eaten something during the coffee break, your lipstick is sticking out. Then you will have to remove this excess with a small cloth or cotton wool wipe. For the face that sweats during the walk, use a handkerchief to remove the sebum. Don't just dab it off. This make-up step should not be neglected, as your face is soiled with so many impurities during the day. For the mascara, soak the cotton swab with a little water and run it through your eyes.

The make-up or refreshment steps

Once a person's face has gotten rid of all these overruns, he or she can start to freshen up his or her make-up. You will need to use a serum to give your face and neck a glow. If you look at your face and you see dark circles, either you use a cream that will make them less visible or you use a stick foundation that will hasten what you are doing. You can also apply a small powder on your cheekbones to make them pop. Use the same powder for your eyelids. Apply a light coat of mascara to curl your lashes and look great. Don't forget your lipstick or lip gloss or balm.

Radiant gestures for a great look

To refresh your make-up, you will need to take care of your mascara. The aim is to have a beautiful look towards others. Then, you could also add a little colour to your cheeks, like using pink to dab a little on the cheekbones. You could also add volume to your eyebrows with a pencil. From lighter to darker, i.e. add a little bit from the inside out. The lip contour can be changed with a small pencil as well. In order not to be too unnatural, the colour of the lips should be the same as the colour of the lips.
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