How do you apply your make-up… with your fingers?

Applying your make-up on your finger requires a little practice, but once you've adopted the technique, you won't let go! Applying make-up to the fingers has many advantages. You will no longer get tangled up with the different make-up tools. You will no longer have to clean them. You will be assured of a healthy, bacteria-free and therefore infection-free application. Finally, this technique is much faster.

The application of complexion products

Applying make-up with the finger will be much easier with creams and rather liquid materials. Powders are more difficult to handle. For foundations, base or BB cream, it is strongly advised to place a little product in the hollow of the palm, warm it in the hand, then apply it in small strokes to the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks. Then spread it with the flat of your fingers and finish by tapping to blend it in completely. The colour of your complexion can be enhanced with an illuminator. To apply it, simply place a small amount on the back of your hand. Then spread it out. It will be easier to apply. Finally, place some very gently on the tops of your cheekbones, Cupid's bow, temples and bridge of the nose so that the material blends in perfectly with your complexion.

Applying blush

The blush, which intensifies the colours of your cheeks, can also be applied with the fingers. The procedure is similar to applying foundation products. You place a small amount of blush in the palm of your hand. Warm it up with your fingertips and then apply it very lightly to the cheekbones and the corners of your face - the temples, jaw, chin, forehead and nose.

Applying a pencil or eye shadow

To apply eye shadow or a pencil, it is recommended to use the index finger. If you want to apply smokey eyes or any other more elaborate make-up, the middle finger is the ideal finger. Indeed, this finger, which is more rounded, allows you to fade in and out much more easily. It is also used to apply lipstick. To correct small blemishes or imperfections, use your little finger to erase. Moreover, often, without realizing it, you use it during your make-up sessions. It should be noted that applying make-up with the finger is also a technique used by professionals.
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