The different olfactory families of fragrances

In the world of perfume, there are 7 major olfactory families inspired by nature. These are the classifications that allow us to characterise and create perfumes. These olfactory families are also used for scented candles. They allow a better understanding of the nuances of the perfume.

The citrus and floral family

The citrus family is reminiscent of the scents of citrus fruits, such as bergamot or grapefruit. They are perfumes resulting from the extraction of the peel of citrus fruits from which they derive their aromas. It is the oldest olfactory family. It is generally used for eaux de Cologne with its fresh and light notes. As for the floral family, it logically groups together the so-called sweet or fresh floral scents. Manufacturers use either the petals, the stem or the roots to obtain the perfect fragrance. Rose, jasmine and magnolia are the most popular. These different olfactory families can be combined for original notes.

The chypre family and the fern family

The Cypriot family is a little more original. It is made from the scents of wood moss and bergamot, mixed with floral or fruity notes. It is the harmony of these scents that produces the chypre shade. For the fern family, it refers to aromatic, sometimes spicy notes. The main aromas are obtained from geranium, lavender and bergamot. They are perfumes generally designed for a men's perfume box.

The woody family, the amber family and the leather family

The woody family takes its notes from woods such as sandalwood, cedar or patchouli. Spicy notes such as black pepper or cinnamon are also incorporated to give it more depth. The result is an elegant and full of character blend, usually associated with virility and masculinity. For the amber family, it belongs to the warmest and most sensual olfactory families. Its scents are a blend of sweet notes, such as vanilla and certain spices, for a suave and almost aphrodisiac result. Among the different olfactory families, it is the most popular. Finally, the leather family announces scents revolving around the smells of tanned leather, burnt birch or tobacco. More recently, animal smells such as ambergris or musk have also been added. These are rather wild scents with character, but with subtle and velvety notes. In the perfumes on sale, one or more of these olfactory families are mixed.
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