Which essential oils to choose for a beautiful hair?

Endowed with natural and pure elements, essential oils can help you to beautify your hair in a long-lasting way, while preserving its nature. Derived from different plants, these oils are highly composed of active ingredients. They are therefore effective on the scalp. But to have beautiful hair, it is crucial to choose the essential oil that can perfectly adapt to your hair type.

Using essential oils for beautiful hair

Depending on the weather conditions, hair can be damaged and lose its shine. It therefore seems rather interesting to find organic remedies to restore their daily tonicity. Using essential oils for hair in this kind of situation is a very good idea. Indeed, they have already been used before in the sanitary sector, especially for hair and skin. They help to restore strength and shine to the hair. Endowed with repairing and fortifying virtues, essential oils are composed of an incomparable benefit for your hair. In particular, you need to know which essential oils to choose for more beautiful hair, as the choice of oil will depend essentially on their quality.

For the scalp, which essential oils to choose?

Caring for your scalp is recommended to avoid all kinds of inconveniences, such as flaking and itching. Stress problems, dehydration or an unbalanced diet could also generate problems on your scalp. In order to remedy this, it is best to use the essential oil tea tree, which is mainly called tea tree. Purifying and antibacterial, it will immediately relieve the scalp by preventing the aggravation of some diseases on this area, such as psoriasis. It can also be used as a remedy for dandruff, by pouring two drops of oil in two tablespoons into your shampoo. Juniper essential oil is also very effective in eradicating dandruff, with a rather soothing effect. With these essential hair oils, your hair will always keep its shine, health and brilliance.

Choosing the essential oil according to hair type

It is necessary to find essential oils for the hair which will be adapted to the type of hair in order to strengthen it. In order to best regulate excess sebum and not have an oily effect, use bergamot, Atlas cedar or grapefruit. Two to three drops may be enough, add them to your shampoo before application. For brittle, damaged and dull hair, you can choose ylang-ylang essential oil. Apart from smelling very good, this variety of oil has the particularity of making your hair very shiny. It is used to complement nourishing vegetable oils such as those found in avocado, coconut and castor oil. This oil is very interesting because it penetrates perfectly into your hair fibre.
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