Baby fragrance trend: a good idea?

For parents, everything that affects their child in any way is important. In particular, hygiene. Usually, these smells are due to their natural needs and the fact that they get dirty. That's why many parents choose to perfume them. But is this appeal good or bad for the baby?

Why scent your baby?

On average, a baby changes nappies 2 to 5 times a day. In the meantime, however, they can get dirty and smell bad. To overcome this, some parents opt for baby perfumes. In fact, although it is strongly recommended not to distort the baby's natural odours, there are products dedicated to the very young. Alcohol-free" fragrances, for example, can be applied to baby's clothes and not directly to his skin. In this way, the baby will smell good all day long, without this having any repercussions on his skin. Note that it is also possible to find perfumes that can be applied to the body. As with adults, these should be applied to specific areas such as the neck.

How to choose a fragrance for your baby?

Bottles in the shape of a teddy bear, under the appearance of an animated character, matching the cuddly toy... all these baby perfumes are made to attract the attention of parents and to perfume babies. However, before making a selection, it is essential to consider certain criteria. For example, the eau de parfum is made without alcohol. Indeed, instead of using alcohol, the concentrate is mixed with solvent. Hypoallergenic, enriched with thermal water, these are made to hydrate your baby's skin. Furthermore, over the years, regulations regarding baby fragrances have become stricter. Now, several ingredients are no longer allowed, such as natural citrus fruits. This is due to the fact that these products cause allergies in many infants. Therefore, it is best to choose according to the components of the perfume.

Perfuming your baby: good or bad idea?

Like all human beings, babies give off smells. However, it can happen that the fumes they give off are disturbing. This is usually one of the reasons why parents use perfumes. Although it may seem futile to some, having a baby who smells floral notes (jasmine, lilac, rose, magnolia,...) is more pleasant than a baby who smells like a full nappy. That said, it all depends on the parents and the habits they want to instil in their children from the first months of birth. In short, what is important is that the baby feels good and that his skin is preserved.
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