Tips that will help your nail polish last longer

Whether you take the time to go to a nail salon or do it yourself at home, it's often frustrating when your nail polish cracks in two in three movements. These 10 tips will help you keep your nails beautiful, easy to polish and always healthy.

Getting started

  • Start with a clean nail
The simplest way to make your nail polish stick, starts before applying the nail polish. Use a nail cleaner before applying the base of your nail polish. This will remove dirt and natural oils from your nail beds.
  • Use a good base coat
A good base coat will stick longer because it protects your natural nails from discolouration. Tip: Use a gel base coat.
  • Trim your nails
The shorter the nails, the easier they are to maintain.

For the application

  • Use your usual brand of nail polish
Not all nail polishes are suitable for you. To do it yourself at home, you already have everything you need, but if you have your nails done at the salon, remember to bring your own nail polish.
  • The lighter the better
This could be difficult when you are faced with a multitude of nail polish colours. But the lighter the colour, the less you will notice the imperfections.
  • Filling the base
Your nails will eventually grow and if you don't have gel nail polish handy, you can use glitter nail polish to cover the base.

To finish

  • Keep nails clean
Indeed, keeping your nail polish on is not only keeping your nails clean, it will also be healthy for them. This conditioning will keep your cuticles and nail beds in good condition.
  • Complete
Every week you can easily add a top coat to your nails. A good top coat will not only make your nails shiny, but will also reduce the risk of cracks or chipping.
  • Apply a cuticle oil every day
The cuticle oil will prevent the nail from breaking, chipping and peeling off hastily. It is a proven remedy for dry hands and feet.
  • Before the manicure, get your work done
Storing around the house or using your hands when washing the dishes is a risk of scratching your freshly finished manicure. Finish the job and treat yourself to a new manicure as a reward for holding your nail polish.
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