French manicure: these 4 new trends that will pimp your nails!

For this summer, the French manicure is coming back, but with a revisited style. Indeed, for this season, your nails will be more dazzling and more modern than ever. Exit the classic nail art and say hello to the new version of the French manicure. Here are the 4 new trends.

The Babyboomer

One of the French manicure trends for this summer is the Babyboomer. This style stands out by its shape and not by its colour. If the traditional French manicure had perfectly clean and precise lines, this trend adds a bit of originality. The Babyboomer uses a pink base with a white nail tip, but instead of a white line, the style is shaded to create a natural, flowing result. Thus, the demarcation between white and nude is blended, for a trendy and dynamic result. It is possible to use other colours to add a little more originality.

The Slanted French

The word "Slanted" which means "leaning" is the key word of this new French manicure trend. It has a slanted shape reminiscent of the waves. To achieve it, a diagonal line is drawn from one end of the nail to the other. Then you can choose between a straight or curved design, more or less inclined. Pastel and nude colours are used for a more natural and elegant result. If you want a flashier look, opt for more colourful shades. This is one of the French manicure trends that is enriched by its diversity, as no two Slanted French looks alike.

Graphic French and the colourful French manicure

The graphic version of the French manicure trends appeals to your imagination and creativity. The aim is to make straight and precise lines to redefine the shape of the nails. It is no longer necessary to respect their natural shape. Be original and bring original structures to your nails. All you need to do is use different and modern geometric lines. The colourful French manicure is a revisited version of the classic French manicure. It is obtained by adding colour. The white nail polish is thus replaced by more refined and brighter shades, according to the person's taste. It is a more fun version of the all-white French manicure. It adds pep to your look and offers thousands of variations, something to delight you. Your creations will have no limits but those of your imagination. All these French manicure trends are already available in your usual salons.
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