Fake nails: how to choose them?

Women love beauty. Having long, well-aligned nails is a dream come true. Nails are fragile. They can be damaged or bitten. No matter what condition it is in, there is a way to remedy it. Fake nails are now part of the life of elegant women. The thing to do is to choose fake nails carefully. Then you have to follow a technique to apply it.

Choosing the wrong nails

There are different types of false nails. There are resin nails and U.V. gel nails. There are certain criteria to look at before choosing false nails. Some people have soft, bitten nails. It is difficult to keep them in order. In this case, false resin nails are better suited. They cover all damages. Resin, on the other hand, can damage the nails even more. For other people, biting nails is out of the question. They are short and brittle. There is not a moment that it is long. False nails in U.V. gel are less devastating. Choosing it will be more suitable.

How to apply the false nails?

It is necessary to choose false nails which will go more on the type of the natural nails. It is necessary to know how to apply them. Each type of false nails has a very precise technique to apply them. First of all, the nails must be prepared. They must be very clean. It is useful to file them well to lay false resin nails. The resin without a cap and the acrylic powder will then be applied. Then they will be very hard and difficult to remove. With a plastic cap, a special glue is used. An acrylic gel is used for gel nails. They will be well shaped. Afterwards, it must be put on a UV. The gel will then be dried.

Buy fake nails

A kit will be given with the purchase of the fake nails. All the necessary elements to install them can be found there. There are several places to buy and choose fake nails. On the internet, different models are available. You simply have to choose between those on the website. The shop delivers the order. They can be found in the supermarket too. They are often placed on the beauty shelf. They can be found in beauty salons. The quality will be better. Beauty salons can also advise on the model to choose.
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